Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oxygen is off


45 minutes ago the Respiratory Nurse came in lower the oxygen level to 1/4 liter - very little oxygen and a low flow. I told her, when Abi is ready to be taken off the oxygen to see how she is maintaining the saturation, I wanted to remove the nasal canula from her nose to give a real chance to breathe without any obstacles in her nose. Last time we were here they kept it on, but it's like breathing with your fingers in your nose. Now we know better and we take charge of things and decisions. We are a lot more comfortable and we know what we are doing, what Abi prefers and is best for her. After all we are her best and loving advocates.
Abi is eating very well, not like last time, when she got the NG tube in and struggled to eat from the bottle.
She's resting now.
The 2 main things that keep us in the hospital are:
- the saturation - should be in high 90's
- drainage from the area around her heart. She's got the chest tube in, but the bleeding is very minimal (less than 50ml within 24 hours and it decreases every day. We need no drainage to remove the tube.
Once those 2 are checked, we can go home.

Who knows maybe we will be home for the weekend!

Thank you for your prayers and support.
Greetings to all, family, friends and B&T folks!!


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