Thursday, December 24, 2009

First Christmas Eve

It was a great day today. Our first Christmas Eve filled with talks about last year when we were talking about today wondering who that would be sitting with us at this table. A little boy or a little girl. What would she look like? What whould she be like? How was it going to be etc. It was a year ago but seems like it was just yesterday. Then we had no idea this Christmas would be so special and blessed.


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It's Wigilia Today

In Poland our families have started celebrating Christmas Eve, called Wigilia. This post is dedicated to them and our friends from Poland! :)

This is how we celebrated Christmas in 2007 with our families...(the last time we actually spent Christmas together..)

Dzien Dobry wszystkim w Polsce!!
Z okazji nadchodzacych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia, skladamy Wam Kochani, wszystkiego najlepszego, duzo zdrowia, pokoju oraz samych powodow do usmiechu.

And to all - Merry Christmas!!

Art, Asia and Abi..

P.S. Abi is 5 months today!!