Thursday, March 4, 2010

Morning visit

11:45 am
Abi is sleeping now, relaxed and full after eating 4 oz twice this morning from the bottle with no problem. As she's sleeping she's snoring and moving her lips like she was sucking on a pasi.
She looks so cute and peaceful.
We are coming back around 1 pm to feed her again. The hospital ordered Abi the formula she likes and some solid food. I didn't realize hospitals do that.
Art is going to get Abi some fresh avocados she loves.
We are now just waiting for the room available for Abi in the step down today, as she is ALREADY ready to go there!



  1. That's wonderful news that she's moving to step-down unit today!!!! ~JRM~

  2. Awesome! She is such a trooper! That is cool the hospital ordered her formula she likes. Sounds like she is in great hands;) ~ C and JJ