Friday, June 4, 2010

Matters Of The Heart Vol.1

"Matters of the Hearis a beautiful compilation of stories that tell about the daily lives of the CHD world. Inspiring, supportive and understanding; this work is not just a must read but also provides comfort to those families who struggle daily to keep their lives together. To those families: You are not alone, we are all here, supporting and standing with you. Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart we are walking together through each other's journey."

You can buy the book here: Buy Matters Of The Heart 

I Can Get Up On My Own

Past couple weeks Abi has been trying to pull herself up from sitting to standing, but it seemd almost impossible yet. I put her for her morning nap today and about an hour later I saw on the video monitor she woke up. A moment later all I saw were her legs. I went upstairs to her bedroom just to see her..... standing up and smiling all proud of herself.

I let her play in her bed for a moment to write on Facebook about it and then she did it couple more times when I was there watching her. Each time easier and faster with less and less effort.

Time to lower her bed all the way down ;-)


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