Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm the coolest...

There are no words that could describe how wonderful babies are. I would never thought I would be enjoying motherhood this much. Abi amazes me every single day with her development and new skills. It seems like the more time we spend, the more we understand each other. It's getting easier and easier to figure out what she needs, and she's getting better at communicating things like: "I'm tired and want a nap - put me in the car seat" when she makes crying noises after she ate, or "Feed me! Oh my gosh I see the bottle!" when she opens her mouth and shakes her hands, or "I want my paci" when she shapes her mouth like she wants to whistle. It's so funny and fun to watch her grow and participate in her first experiences with everything.

She finally warmed up to different people talking to her, touching, and even holding and feeding her! She just needed the time to overcome the trauma of being moved, touched, poked with needles by nurses and doctors who changed almost on the hourly basis.

She's the coolest and I think she knows it....

Good Night,