Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chest Closed


We just saw Abi again. Her chest is closed but the suction tubes are still there and will remain in as long as there is some bleeding. The bleeding is minimal though.

She did great and is sleeping right now.


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Righ At This Moment


Right at this moment they brought the operating team to th Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and..... They are closing her chest!!! ;-)

They should be done in about an hour or so!!!

How awesome is that!!!!!!


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We are with her now

Lip balm

Covered with her fav blankie

Sleeping comfortably...

She's doing very well.. Still wants to move a lot, whitch is normal for her age; she's just an active little girl. Her kidneys are working efficiently now. J.

The Next Morning


We went to see Abi before the shift change and rounds started, after 6am. We happened to stay during a doc visit and talked to her surgeon. He said that the bleeding is minimal so he may be back to close her up earlier than planned, maybe this afternoon. We are not able to visit our baby girl between 6.30am and 10.00am and between 6.30pm and about 8.30pm.

Abi had a pretty good night. She is very active and moving a lot. The nurses ended up giving her verset (sedation meds) every hour. They ordered a continuous drip as she's not responding to the other sedation medicine. She's just impatient to get out of there!
One of Abi's dedicated nurses prepared a cute name tag, and since she is POLISH too(!!) she wrote it in Polish.

We happen to meet Polish doctors and nurses here pretty often. It's a blessing since they are excited and even though all of them are great these feel special connection and are very compassionate and sweet.

Now we are waiting for Abi's kidneys to start working better. It is expected they would get 'lazy' after general anastesia so she is getting Lasix to help the body lose fluids and stimulate kidneys.

She's still pretty swallen but again, it's expected. She should get better within the next day or two.

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