Friday, March 12, 2010

The first Post-Op behind us

We have our first post-op visit (first after the second surgery) behind us. It went very well, except the x-Ray itself. Abi just hates x-Ray with passion, though the results were awesome. Both the x-Ray and echo look very well and seems like the repair is working great. The cardiologist was very pleased with how things look and how Abi is doing and recommended the following medical treatment for now: Love Her, Feed Her and Let Her Grow ;-)

We got the Lasix down to half of what she was getting so far and we are going for another visit in 2 weeks. We hope to lower Lasix even more then and to maybe totally stop giving her Prinivil (the blood pressure medicine).

Thank you to all of you praying for her and us and for all your comments!!!!