Monday, January 11, 2010

Cardio visit #2

Abi was such a good girl during our second post-op visit with the cardiologist today. Dr Greene was tickled to death, again, by seeing her gaining weight and looking so great and comfortable. Abi gained 3lb in 1 month. She's now over 13lbs.
She didn't cry this time when the doctor came to listen to her lungs and heart. He was astonished how well the incision is healing. The murmur was even less noticeable :) which means the malformed valve is doing better than the last time we visited Dr. Greene, hence there was no need for the echo today. Another good news is that she can drop one dose of Lasix for a week and then stay only on it once a day. Yeey!

I must finish now as my precious cargo is fussing on my lap and won't let me type more...