Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Post Office


Last night we got less sleep than any nights before since we came back from the hospital. No, Abi did not confuse day and night which we've heard happens a lot after staying in hospital. She is very active and happy during the day, but keeps snacking during the night. She gets no rest, we get no rest.

I know, it's just a season and we will get there one day when she sleeps through the night.

We had to go to the post office this afternoon. I had to go to the office behind the main area and I took Abi with me. When I was talking to one of the stuff I mentioned Abi's recent surgery and that she's a real miracle baby for whom God has been working miracles last 2 weeks. He looked at me and asked to tell him more. When I was telling him about the hundreds and hundreds of people praying for her when she was going through a 9 hour surgery exactly 2 weeks ago and what God did for her there, and how all the doctors were surprised, he stopped me and said: "I got chills! Please wait a moment." And he went around the corner and called one of his co-workers. When she came he pointed at Abi and said: 'She's a miracle baby! Hear this story!' and he asked me to tell her what I told him. When I was telling her about the wonderful things God was doing and the confirmations he was giving us during that time, she stopped me with tears in hear eyes and asked to wait a moment. (seriously!). She called another lady from her office, pointed out at Abi, called her a miracle baby and asked me to tell the testimony again. By the time I was leaving the guy was very touched, shaking my hand like his best friend's and the two ladies had tears in their eyes. Actually the last one was crying.

When we left the post office and got home, I got a call from them that we left our driver licenses there and I had to go back to pick them up. I took Abi with me so Asia could get some time off and focus on other things and went to the post office. Once I got there, it was packed with people so I got in line to the window where one of the ladies I met before was with another customer. When she saw me, she waved at me to come closer and said: 'We've been all talking about you and your little miracle girl ever since you left' and then turned to the client and started telling her Abi's story. In the meantime the other employee spotted me from the other corner of the post office and started waving to me with a huge smile on his face.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for Abi and her life. This will be so much fun to watch!

Thank you all who prayed us through this difficult time and who joined us on this journey.