Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Proud mama

Abi did great. I am so proud of her, she's indeed a fighter.
It's been a very long and tough day, mostly for Abi - I wish I didn't remember this as well, but I will and will remind myself and Abi in the future how amazing and faithful God is. He was there with her and the doctors all the time and will be in the CICU with her.
We were able to see her about 1 h ago.

She is doing well, a little swollen from the transfusion but that's normal.
The next 24-48h will be the most critical. If everything goes well she will have the chest closed on Friday.
Praying for uneventful and restful night for Abi.


The Surgery Is Over

We just talked to the surgeon. He said the surgery couldn't have gone better. Abi has been already transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. They are getting her settled down and we will go see her.

Due to bleeding they decided to leave her chest opened so she will be sedated untill they close her up. They will try to do that on Friday. Then they will wake her up. If she's doing fine they will try to take her off the ventilator on Monday.

The prognosis are good and they have already noticed some improvment with the leaky valve which is on the non systemic side right now. There's a chance it will improve further.

We are off to see our baby girl. More soon


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Good news

Abi's heart is beating now!! The double switch is complete. She's lost a lot of blood, as expected, so she's on continuous transfusion. She's still on the bypass though. More updates in 1 hour. So far the surgery is going according to the plan....


Update on surgery

Update from a minute ago: first part of the switch is complete; one of the clamps is removed; starting to warm up the room (its 60F now); Jackie - the nurse came to tell us that dr Kirshbom - the surgeon, is an excellent specialist and God is using his hands, and the OR is filled with angels. This was a confirmation of God speaking through others earlier:
Krista G. (12-08-09): "it will be a super natural-natural thing. The surgeon will be a puppet if you will and the HS will be guiding his hands and giving him strength to do the task speaking in to his ear what move to make next. The surgeon will say in the end that is the easiest/complex surgery I have ever done."
Karl C. (12-09-09 12:18pm): While I was praying this morning, I saw Jesus came into the OR and touched Abi on her head, and he then walked around and touch all the surgeons and nurses.

We feel at peace right now...

Surgery-the lesson of waiting

Abi slept all day yesterday after being sudated and woke up 3 times at night to eat. We could tell she wasn't very
comfortable, so I'm thankful she was asleep for the most part. We are up since 4:40 am. We couldn't give her anything to drink after 5, so it made especially difficult to keep her comfortable. Finnally, she calmed down watching Mickey Mouse- I am actually thankful for TV today. It bought us ans mainly Abi extra 40 min of peace and quiet. She actually smiled to us for the first time after 24h. So precious!
at 7:15am she was given meds to make her sleepy. I held her for an hour

until we were asked to walk to the OR area, where she was taken by the team of anastesiologists. She opened her eyes and looked with half curious and half frightened eyes as we kisses her goodbye and passed her to the nurse...."you take my mourning and turn it into laughing?"- not necessarily there yet... One of the hardest things to do; place your precious baby into strangers' arms trying to trust they will take good care of her...
So hard ........
We are sitting in the waiting area for updates every 1 hour.

Here's what we have received so far:
9:42 am - after anastesia, the surgery started
11:00 am - Abi's on heart-lung machine; closing VSD.