Monday, October 25, 2010

15 Month Pediatric Checkup

Today I took Abi to her 15 month appointment with pediatrician.

Abi's weight continuous to be in the 75% at 24lb and 9oz and she grew 2.5 inches since her last appointment 3 months ago. This put her at 94% measuring 32.5 inches. Her ears, eyes, nose and everything else are fine and overall development is just where it's supposed to be.

She got 2 shots today and she did great. Fussed for maybe 1 minute and after that was as happy as could be.

Next visit at the pediatrician office in 3 months around the same time her next cardiologist appointment.

Thank you for checking on her and praying for her!


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Sunday, October 24, 2010

15 months of Joy

It's been 15 months since Abi came to our lives. She is so wonderful and happy.

We are visiting her pediatrician tomorrow for Abi's 15-month check-up. Actually, Art and his parents are going to take her. I hope she'll do great and be a brave little girl while getting her vaccinations.

As much as I am not worried about the weight-gain and general condition, I am curious of how the appointment will go. I have never missed any of her appointments!