Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1st follow-up visit


Our first post-op visit with Dr. Greene went very smooth, except the fact that Abi didn't let the nurse take the blood pressure. 
Abi weighs 11.05lb. She was 10.6lb last Wednesday, so finally she's gaining as she should.
Abi's doctor was extremely, as he said it "tickled", to see how well she's doing, and after reviewing the x-ray pictures, performing new echo and EKG, he was thrilled to see the results. 
Everything looked perfect. We were able to see the blood-flow in Abi's "new" heart and the baffle that was created by the surgeon (Dr. Kirshbom). Dr. Greene was so thrilled with the entire process, the change of plans, the team in Atlanta and Abigail's extremely fast recovery. He himself called it a miracle and said, quote, "people say there are no miracles, but there are; they just don't look hard enough. Abigail's one of them!". He said that he spoke with Abi's surgeon couple times and they both could not believe how wonderful she's doing. He said that many, many kids with less complicated defects and after much simpler, routine surgeries often end up with some kind of complications and the fact that she has no complications and was discharged one week from this big surgery is unbelievable.
Our cardiologist attended a conference in Charleston, SC, where he met some of the surgeons and cardiologist from Atlanta Heart Center. He said the surgeons were talking about Abi's case. Seems like it was not only one from very few double switch surgeries performed in Atlanta but most probably very first one on such a young child. He said if she continues with this progress her case will definitely make a huge impact on the future of this procedure.

Our little Abi is famous now!! :)

After leaving the doctor's office and a very quick stop at work (I'm sorry I couldn't say hello to everyone) to take care of some paperwork, we came back home to spend rather uneventful day. ..

Thank you for your continuous prayers as God is revealing his powerful and amazing ways!!!!

Good night,