Friday, August 27, 2010

Just some thoughts

I'm watching Abi carefully; every day, for as long as possible. Sometimes I find myself looking at her totally forgetting about the world around me. I can't believe how fast she's growing, changing, learning new things and many of them on her own, just figuring them out.

It is absolutely fascinating to watch her explore. We, adults, take way too many things for granted; stop paying any attention to them; forgetting their existence even though they are with us every day.

Asia and I have learned so much about not rushing things, not rushing life, enjoying and cherishing every stage Abi's at because one day it will pass.

And not long ago Asia said something that changed my time with Abi again. Looking at things through her eyes, joining her on this journey in her world.

And the last couple days Abi stepped on a new path- teething. Yes, she got 1 tooth cut out and there are I believe 2 more trying. She's dealing with it great, including the fevers and runny nose that bothered her so much that she kept waking up a lot overnight. This gives us some extra time to spend with her cuddling with us.

Today I took her to a park and she had so much fun. She loved the slide and two swings. Yes, two since she wanted to be on the other one every 45 seconds ;-)

After we got home instead of going for a nap she decided to read some books with me first. She kept on going to her bookshelf and bringing books, sitting on my lap and when we were dine reading she was going to pick another one.

45 minutes of reading and laughing before the nap.

It was a great day!


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Speed of light...

We celebrated Abi's first birthday with the family (the grandparents) on Sunday. Abi had a blast digging into the cake with a ... SPOON. Yes, she's a true European lady. I'm sure she'll be using fork and knife before we know it. Naturally, we need to wait for the teeth to come out... but wait.. today we saw one cutting through! Our baby girl is moving forward with a speed of light!
12 months and 2 weeks after she was born, she took her first steps and working on her fist tooth!
So proud of you Abi! Kocham Cie nad zycie!!

I guess I'm walking

Today, very tired before taking a nap Abi took her first solo steps

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After the Appointment

The cardiologist appointment went fantastic. Once again, Abi's weight (22lb 5oz), height (30in), heart rate, blood pressure, saturation (97) and everything we saw during the heart echo was just perfect.

The entire repair done during the double switch, VSD closure, the pulmonary venous baffle and its later repair all look great and work great. Her Ebsteinoid tricuspid valve is leaking much less and today it was more on the mild side than mild-to-moderate. Both ventricles are squeezing strong, heart beat is slow and steady and heart's efficiency is really good.

There was absolutely nothing that would even slightly concern Dr.Greene and the next appointment is in 6 months! ;-)

Once we confirm things continue going this well, next appointment will be in 9 months and then annually.

We are absolutely thrilled and happy!

Thank you for your prayers!


Monday, August 2, 2010

1st Cardio visit in 3 months...

It is hard to believe that 9 months ago we were in such a rough place with Abi, waiting all day in the waiting room while she underwent her first open heart surgery (Double Switch and VSD closure) and now were are 'celebrating' a 5-month-iversary of her 2nd OHS that took place in March.
It seems like it was longer than that. I remember that we were not expecting to hear any bad news at the follow-up checkup (2 months after the surgery), though we had noticed her faster breathing and 3 weeks later we were back in Atlanta.
Every time we go to see the cardiologist, I experience a mixture of emotions. I am anxious to hear everything looks great and there haven't been any changes. I want to hear the guarantee that she'll be fine from now on and the previous experiences are in the past, never to be repeated.
We do not anticipate any surprising news tomorrow. We diligently observe Abi's reactions, food intake and behavior. She seems to have unlimited supplies of energy, eats for two and is always in a good mood.

We are looking forward to the great report tomorrow. We'll update the blog with the news that the next cardiologist appointment is in 6 MONTHS!!??? ;)...

That would be sweet....