Saturday, October 29, 2011

Abi's first potty time in a restaurant.

I'm so proud of my big girl. We have been trying to encourage her to tell us when she wants to go to potty before it's too late.
We have been practicing at home without the diaper. And here we are at Olive Garden and Abi tells me she wants 'peepee'. So I took her to a restroom and she managed to hold until she was sitting on the toilette. I was soo proud of her! She flashed and washed her hands and ran to daddy to tell him what she just did.
I don't have to mention she liked it a lot and we ended up going back there 2 more times :)

My baby girl is growing up. Thankfully I just bought her new pairs of cute underwear. :)

Yey. Potty training is becoming more fun! :)


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Cardiologist Appointment

As we have already mentioned, today was Abi's cardiologist appointment, first in 9 months. This was the first time we stretched the appointments so far.

The nurses were all excited about seeing little Abi after such a long break and were really surprised with how much she's grown.

First the nurse checked Abi's blood pressure and ran a quick EKG and then we talked to Dr. Greene. He was thrilled to see how Abi has changed and to learn about her day to day life. Abi let him listen to her heart and chatted with him about stickers and a prize neckless she was promised ;-)

Next we moved on to heart echo. Once again Abi did great so it didn't take long at all to take great pictures and check everything.

After the echo Abi went for a walk to get more stickers so we could talk to her doctor.

Here's what we heard. Her blood pressure and EKG were perfect. Her heart sounded wonderful and the echo showed all functions of all 4 chambers, greater arteries, pulmonary baffle and the new aorta are GREAT!!!! Her Ebsteinoid tricuspid valve is holding up very well with very little regurgitation, so we talked about Abi most probably never needing it fixed, if it keeps doing as good as it's doing now.

All results came back as good as she had a healthy, never repaired heart!!!!

Next visit in 12 months and from now on, we will go to visits annually, unless there's something going on.

There is a chance Abi could develop arrhythmia due to scarring so this is something we will be monitoring over the years, but it's nothing to be concern about now.

We are so happy with the results of today's appointment and can't believe how blessed we are by this lil girl ;)


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cardiologist Appointment This Friday

This Friday afternoon we're going with Abi for her first in 9 months cardiologist appointment.

Seeing how she's growing and changing we are pretty peaceful about this one. She is very active, doesn't slow down and doesn't get tired. She grows physically and develops mentally and emotionally as should, keeps talking and talking a lot, not only single words, but actually in full sentences being able to communicate very well.

Details from the visit soon.


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