Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 months of joy

I can't believe I didn't mention Abi is turning 7 months TODAY!!
What can she do now?
-  can sit by herself;
- understands what we say to her in Polish, English and sign language (including milk, bath and car-ride);
- points out things she wants to reach and/or have;
- reaches to us when we say "come to mommy/daddy";
- makes all kinds of noises, including "singing" when I sing to her and "calling" when she wants mommy or daddy to come;
- wants to eat with a spoon by herself;
- and the most recent one - she gives herself kisses when reading a book (a gift from Shari)with mirrors.

She's such a big girl.

I love Abi.


Dad's Surgery- Update

My Dad's surgery was delayed by 2 hours, but everything went well and smooth. My mom got to talk to him over the phone about an hour after the surgery so he's doing pretty well!

If everything continues going this well, he will be out of this hospital next Wednesday and back home in 3 weeks, and then here in NC sometime in June ;-)


Art's Dad at the Surgery

The surgery started at 8am in Poland (GMT+1). It was 2am here (EST).
It was supposed to last 3-4 hours, but when I was leaving home this morning (6:30am) the surgery wasn't done yet.
It's very different than here as far as passing the information about the surgery to the family members. First of all, the family has to call in to the hospital and ask for updates. Secondly, the only information they get is whether the patient is still in OR or not. Thirdly, the patients after the open heart surgery are not allowed to have visitors in CICU. How weird is that?
Anyway, we are awaiting more details.