Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Read to me...

It was a good day today, morning with Daddy and all day with Mommy with small breaks for Daddy's kisses and hugs - talking about advantages of working from home, eh?

It's not hard to figure out, she's Daddy's little girl:)

Apart from still being little congested and with runny nose, Abi did great today. We are going to the cardiologist on Tuesday to check if everything is healing well. 

Funny facts from today: During our "4B" night routine: bath, bottle, book, bed, Abi fussed after a couple of sips of milk, so I put the bottle back on the table. She kept fussing and looking at the table, where the new book, I've started to read to her, sat. When I started reaching for it, she began calming down. She simply wanted me to read to her!! She, then took a bottle. Talking about the preference, right? She is so awesome.