Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Cath But...


The echo was sufficient and no cath is needed today. We will be going home soon just right after we schedule another open heart surgery ;-(

The cardiologist was surprised how well Abi's doing and how great everything else works, nevertheless correcting this issue should not wait longer than 3-4 weeks and can be done only through another open heart surgery.

The first plan was to do the surgery this Friday because they thought Abi was not doing well. Since that's not the case we will have to come back in couple weeks.

Another update soon.


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Right this moment Abi has her heart echo getting done. She's very calm watching the monitor and the cartoons on TV.

We talked to dr. Kim and the echo will determine whether she needs the cath done today or not. There is no doubt about the obstruction but if today's echo gives more details maybe no cath will be needed.

Once the echo is done dr. Kim will discuss the pictures with dr. Kirshbom (the surgeon) around noon and then we will talk again.

Learn from our mistakes Stupid thing to do, on the way to Atlanta we fed Abi ready formula (. For the first time. As soon as we got in she threw up all over the place and us.

More updates soon.


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