Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Closer to home

8:45 pm

One step at the time and we are almost home.
It's been a week since we came to the hospital and tomorrow exactly a week since the surgery!
Abi's progress is unbelievable. The doctors and nurses are astonished how fast she has been recovering. She stayed in memory of some of the CICU nurses and doctors who randomly came by to check on Abi.
As previously mentioned, today's focus was on eating. The oxigen levels are great during the day and at night. I'm so happy we insisted on removing the nasal line, especially when she was on no oxigen. No wonder her saturation was lower since she couldn't breathe comfortably. So "sats" aren't the concern anymore!
As to feedings we started great in the morning with 85ml within an hour! The amounts she drank decreased as the day went by. We were told that she needs to drink at least 80ml per 3h to be able to go home without the feeding tube. She was a picky eater prior the surgery and the doctors knew that but still set up pretty high standards. Whatever she left they put through the tube. I think this caused her tummy aches in the morning- poor thing, she spent a couple of hours crying over the rumbling tummy. We requested some gas drops for her. A couple of stinky surprises later, she was all good.
Abi's surgeon visited us today and requested to remove the feeding tube! So we did and hoped for Abi to pick up on ml's. In the afternoon she only ate 30ml (required 80) and fell asleep in my arms-I actually joined her while having guests (sorry S.A.D.)!
We didn't want the tube to come back and we were defermined to meet he "goal" with a significant Abi's help of course. We gave her a bath, massage, put her in her own pj's and gave the bottle with required 80ml.
She exceeded everyone's expectations and ate 90!! We were so proud of her! So we know, if she wants to, she can do it!
Now she is sound asleep, resting to her favorite night music...as we are slowly heading this direction with hopes for coming home TOMORROW (well we'll stay in Atl till the next day- (thank you L&R)!!!!
Thank you all for your continued prayers for Abi and our family!


9 Hours


9 hours

First night in the stepdown was almost like coming back home. We tried to recreate the home rutine. We gave her a bath fed her the bottle - she took 50 ml !!!! and then fell asleep. She slept for 9 hours !!!

We had two goals to meet. Eating from the bottle and keeping blood saturation at the right levels during sleep. Abi's blood saturation was fine during the day when she was awake but when she was relaxed and asleep it used to drop so she still needed some air flow through the nasal tubes.

After eating the 50ml and falling asleep she was not really willing to eat more around midnight so we dcided she would be getting food through the NG tube over night and we will get back to bottle feeilding in the morning.

We focused on the other goal - blood saturation. We were watching Abi for couple hours trying to adjust her possition to find the optimal one with little success. Finally we decided to pull out the nasal tube since the air flow was turned off and it was just stuck in her nose blocking the air flow. Once we did that her saturation was high in norm ALL NIGHT!!!!

Seems like she doesn't need air flow to keep great saturation.

And now when I'm done with typing it we just finished 85ml bottle!!!!! And Asia got 2 smiles ;-)


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