Monday, December 14, 2009

This Afternoon


We've been with Abi since about 11am. When we showed up she was still asleep after Versed which she was given to remove the central line from her neck.

Let me stess this out that this is not a complaint, just sharing with you all what we have to deal with in addition to the surgery etc.

When we showed up we asked the new day nurse the same questions we always asked any other nurse. So far Paricia, Sarah, Niki, Amanda, Jacquelin, Krissy were amazing. They knew everything and paid attention to everything. Today's nurse answer to every question was: I don't know. If a doctor asks I will print it out for him. Hehe, awesome. All of you who know me can imagine what happened next. I requested to speak with the doctor supervising her. 20 minutes later we got all the answers from the doctor.

Now we're waiting to be able to move to the stepdown unit. They have already got the room for Abi and we are just waiting for them to get it ready and for the team of people involved in moving her to be ready as well. Once we're out of here we will not have to leave Abi even for a moment.

We will also try bottle feeding her today again. I bet it will go great!!!

And the below picture: my beautiful bride and our little one chilling

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Double Switch Surgery - Part 2

Double Switch Surgery - Part 1

Policy sucks


Shift change. A few moments ago, we left Abi alert and confused, yet calm. When we got there to see her this morning she had already been awake. She would complain from time to time with her weak little voice. I feel like there is nothing that I can do to comfort her. We kiss her, talk to her but can't pick her up and cuddle. She is patiently bearing with all the inconvenience and unknown place and people, but it's obvious she's fed up with this place. We can't even be with her during the shift change when the night nurse is giving the report to the new one. They are talking about MY baby! What's the reason for kicking me out when there are no other patients around and hear other patient's reports?
I feel uneasy when I have to leave Abi when she's awake trying to figure out where she's at. It was much easier when she was sleeping, oblivious to the surrounding.
We won't be able to see her until at least 10:30-11:00 am. That's an awfully long time for the baby in the foreign environment not to see her parents.

We tried to offer her a paci but she would just lick it at best. We will keep trying to offer it, so maybe she will eventually start sucking. We need to get rid of that tube as soon as possible..

It's going to be long 4 hours....




Abi slept about 6-7 hours straight. She looks much better this morning. She was fussing a bit when we came; I guess She's just fed up with this place and wants to go home. I know we do.

She had PVC (Premature Ventricle Contractions) going on several times a minute over about 3-4 hours so they increased the air flow a bit since this could be caused by not having enough oxygen reserve. Quite normal after this complex surgery. They have also increased the amount of food she's getting to 15 ml an hour.

The plan is they will discharge her from CICU today! Next she needs to start eating and retaining the food. This is our next goal!

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