Friday, March 5, 2010



Seems like the bleeding has completely stopped and we hope for the chest tube to go out maybe even this morning. Still waiting for the doctors and rounds.

Abi seems to be uncomfortable often so we are trying hard to manage her pain and not to drug her up at the same time. She slept pretty restless and was waking up a lot though around 3am we got some first beautiful smiles.

The only thing that worries us at the moment is her breathing. There are 3 different ways she breathes. First, she breathes in and holds the breath for a moment before she let's it out. After a while she starts breathing fast and then she slowes down a bit. This cycle repeats very often. Once again we are waiting for the doctors to discuss this with them.

More soon.


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  1. I wonder if her hold-breathing is fear of pain. . . maybe it's normal after this procedure. .. . either way, prayers continue for your rest, Abi's healing and positive results ~JRM~