Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are home!!!

We made it in 4 hours, with no stops and Abi sleeping through the whole trip!! How great is that? She drank a bottle just before we hit the road and slept like an angel till we stoped on our driveway! She ate a full meal, chilled with us, auntie Allison and uncle Drew who made dinner for us; took a quick bath, ate MORE, smiled and talked to mommy; took medicine and went to bed!

It is so wonderful to be back home, that to our big surprise was beautifully decorated with flowers, baloon, Christmas accents and a Christmas tree with presents underneath in the leaving room! Fresh food in the fridge just completed the picture.
We are so thankful for our friends who have been supporting us in this difficult time! Your prayer have paid off and resulted in Abi being at home after barely 7 days after the surgery(!) with only 1 medicine, no feeding tube and a huge apetite! Sometimes people need more time to recover from a cold!!
Abi is my hero! Such a brave and strong little girl!!!





Yes, you gor that right. We're packing now and leaving the hospital soon.

Abi had another great night. Ate 80ml in the evening. Than we told the nurse we won't wake her up after 3 hours becuase at home in the evening after the bath we don't wake her up. She's on a 3 hour schedule during the day and overnight she wakes up on her own. So she woke up a bit over 4 hours later and ate 95ml. In the morning she had another 135ml and 3 hours later another 130ml. Over 4oz at a time is better than before the surgery.

Now we are ready to leave despite the view out the window.


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