Thursday, April 5, 2012


After a bath and our regular bedtime routine, I put Abi to bed. She was tired today, so I made sure she's in bed by 8:15. When leaving she said: 'I got a question!'. I haven't heard her say that before, so I asked what question. She said: "I love you.."!
What a sweet end of the day.

She usually says: " look in my eyes" and when you look she says "I love you!". I Love when she does that out of nowhere.

Speaking of creativity.. Abi loves to paint and draw... Let me show you..

I'm attaching her first real painting she did with our friends for her daddy today:

The top right 'piece' looks like a bird to me. Artur can see a frog!?
Hmm. Definitely a bird!

Here's a drawing when she drew her first face with eyes and mouth.. This pic is just asking to be called some funny titles..
Presenting Abi's original drawing from December 18th, 2011 (2yrs,5 mths): "potato swimming with a whale'

Here's Abi's original drawing dated 1/18/2012. At first I didn't realize what it was but then I was blown away!

And check out Abi's easter eggs from earlier this week (4/2/12). I drew an oval and told her to draw her favorite things in it, but she started adding eyes, nose, ears, mouth and even 'pupa' (you can figure it out..:) )

We also made binoculars for Abi to help her 'hunt' for Easter eggs this coming Sunday. So fun!!


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