Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Hearts and New Year...


I know, this blog is about Abi and it will always belong to her, but I also keep thinking about other parents who may have just found out about their baby's heart, like we did almost a year ago. I asked other moms I know, to share their stories with me. I soon should be able to include more information about other Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) to share with you. The power of a spoken and written word is limitless, not mentioning unbeatable Google!! I once "googled" a double switch surgery and found my own research on the FIRST page. This really encourages me to continue to expand this blog and enrich it with more and more useful information.

I would like to use this opportunity and wish Everyone a very Happy New Year. May this coming 2010 shower you with unexpected and joyful blessings and surprises. My hopes and wishes for you and myself are to say in exactly 365 days from now "this couldn't have been a better year!". May every New Year be better than the last one...

Now, we could use a picture of Abi to conclude this post....
Abi literally fell asleep while eating lunch in a sitting position. How about that? I know some wish they could do that (especially at work, eh?)...

Good night...


  1. I wish you, Art and Abi a very blessed NY's, may be stronger and healthier in the upcoming year. May she grow and thrive this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!! XOXO

  2. Happy New Year dearests! May you all be abundantly blessed throughout the coming year 2010 and beyond :). Caroline K. - Poznan.