Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 leaves the scars...

It was such a treat to be able to spend this special Christmas time with the closest family. We would still love to have our parents and siblings with us, but having Abi at home to celebrate the holidays was like a dream come true.

We continue to stop and look at Abi in amazement. Wow, I can't believe she's here with us, already, after the surgery. It will probably take a few more of those moments before we get used to this fact. The only thing that I don't want to do, is to forget about what happened, how God showed His peace, healing power and confirmation of His love to us. I want Abi's story to touch and encourage more people as she continues to grow. The surgery was just the beginning...

The last couple of days of 2009 we are practically brushing up on the daily and night routines, keeping a close eye on Abi's breathing and eating patterns, behavior and the healing scar... 
I pealed off the last 2 bandages on her 8 cm (3.14 in) incision!!
The scar looks great! Almost as pale as her skin. 
I am truly impressed with the look. Just take a look:

This scar...is why she's here and destined to live a very long life...
This scar...is her testimony of God's new Heart for her...  
This scar...tells a story of one brave and strong little girl.. 
If she was able to go through this in a blink of an eye, there is nothing she would not be capable of doing! 

No matter how big and how visible the scar will be when Abi grows up, I hope she will feel proud of it! I will make sure she feels confident about it and will want to wear whatever she likes. 

There were so many times I would think how unfair God was to allow her heart to be so complicated, imperfect and abnormal like that.. I could not in the whole world understand WHY!!!?? He would want such a thing to happen to a baby! 
This year has been filled with a mixture of so many emotions and feelings like joy when we first found out about Abi through fear, disappointment, anger, unforgiveness, helplessness, frustration, envy, sadness to peace, hope and blessed at the end... 

2009 is definitely classified as the most challenging, emotionally draining, exhausting yet educational year of my life. 
It seems like Abi is not the only one with the scar on her heart. We all have one in ours as we went through the healing process with Abi.



  1. What a beautiful scar. In Abi's "imperfection" God reminds us that there is beauty in everything. My niece has a scar just like Abi's - where the surgeons repaired a hole in her heart 11 years ago. She's healthy, happy, full of life, joy and peace and brings a smile to all around her.

    That scar will not even be noticed by Abi as she grows into a beautiful young woman.
    That scar will be a reminder to Abi that she is loved beyond words.
    That scar will be a testimony to the healing powers of God and the skills He bestowed on her doctors.
    That scar is proof of the strength you have as parents to endure hours of waiting and crying.
    That scar heals the hearts of many during a time of year that can be so depressing. . .
    That scar brings us all closer to knowing that miracles happen to ordinary people.

    Thank you for allowing us to read about "That Scar" and Abi's journey.

  2. I just had to write...I've been following your blog since early December...apparently you work with a friend of a friend, which is how I learned of your little Abi.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your blog.
    I was one of the thousands (I'm sure) praying for her and your family.
    I have a daughter that was born 1 month after your sweet Abi. Her name is India...my 2nd daughter...she has some health issues as well that I won't get into, but she is a delight.
    What an incredible miracle God has shown us this Christmas!
    HE is good in all situations/circumstances and I pray that he continues to show you how HE is good through this and all of your hard times.

  3. Thank you for your beautiful comments.J.

  4. Abi is such a blessing, and is proof that GOD is REAL. Man what a testimony she has, we serve such an awesome God. I am amazed at how much she has grown in such a small amount of time. I am so proud of Little MISS DIVA!!

    Darion Jackson

  5. Well sais JRM, well said...you hit my thoughts right on the nail. I hope the upcoming years will only be joyous for you and Abi. Hopefully the worst is behind her and she can now grow up and hear her unbelievable story and realize what great, selfliss and loving parents she has and that she was a very lucky lil girl who had lots of family and friends, some whom never met her, to pray for her during her time of extreme difficulty. I know I will continue to think of her everyday and when I feel down about something in my life, I will remember Abi's ordeal and remind myself, it could always be worse and to be extremely thankful for what I am and have in my life. Happy New Year to you, Art and precious Abi. ~SH