Friday, January 1, 2010

1st Day of New Year!


What a beautiful first day of the year! 
Abi woke up 3 times at night to eat and then at 5 in the morning because of her congestion she's slowly overcoming. 
The New Year's Eve passed by pretty quickly, accompanied by Skype video conference with our parents in Poland (I was able to see fireworks from my parents' balcony) and our brother and sister who stayed with us and shared a glass of champagne at pretended midnight after Abi went to sleep (around 8 pm). 

We obviously didn't last till 12am. We greeted a New Year after 1am when feeding Abi.

Thank you for visiting Abi's blog, your interest, prayers and support. We deeply appreciate that!
I have already started updating this blog with links to other "heart" babies' (with their parent's permission) that were touched with the Congenital Heart Defects. I hope this blog will become a valuable source of information to all interested in the topic and mainly to the parents who may have just found out about their baby's defect(s) and are searching the internet for some answers. 
Happy New Year!


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  1. Happy New Year! Feel free to post a link to Connie's blog... www.care4conway.com