Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good Morning , I'm Breathing


Just a short note. Abi did great last night. Her breathing test went well. Right now, even though she has the tube in her own breathing rate is in low/mid 40s- exactly where it should be. This is wonderful.

Right now she's sleeping after Versed since she was a bit active ;-) and moving around. This is good but not at this moment, since the ventilator tube can irritate her throat causing some swelling which could lead to some difficulties with breathing after taking the tube out.

Let's wait for more good news today!


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  1. Lord, we THANK YOU for another good night! We thank you for her movement and pray that you would protect her from irritating herself w/movement and the breathing tube, that she can have the tube removed soon and continue to be a star showing YOUR glory in all that is being done! We pray for YOUR wisdom for the hospital staff and for Artur and Asia for the daily decisions - large and small, and we thank YOU for all the wisdom you have already given them! We pray for YOU to continued to be glorified in all this and ask for this speedy amazing recovery to continue so that they can soon be home and enjoying the blessings of Abi at home.
    We ask that Artur and Asia are able to have rest through out this time even while being at the hospital all the time - when they sleep, we ask that you give them deep rest, that they have grace and energy and strength for the routine they are now in.

    Thank you Lord!!!!!

  2. Connie had been so fiesty that he did irritate his airway and had to have two doses of racimic epi (sp?) to help with the stridor that was caused from the tube. It did wonders and he didn't have to be reintubated or anything. Hopefully, Princess Abi will be stridor-free and not need anything extra. Sounds like her progress is exceptional!