Saturday, December 12, 2009


Abi is being extubated at this very moment. If everything goes well, we should be able to see her soon, maybe in 20 minutes.
We thought it will not happen today, firstly because of the fluids building in the lungs and secondly because of her saturation that suddenly dropped down to low 80's from high 90's. The nurses couldn't figure out what caused a sudden saturation drop. We prayed it wasn't a stepback for Abi to get exchubated today. After a chest x-ray, they found out the breathing tube was lower than it should. After adjusting the tube, Abi's sats went right back to 90's. :)
This didn't have an influence on the decition to remove the tube.

She was so sweet today. We spent over 6 hours with her. She slept and rested for the most part. When she woke up, she would wiggle and move a lot. It's easy to imagine how uncomfortable this poor girl is. When she cries or caugths, we can't hear anything because of the tubes in her mouth. We can just tell by her facial expressions... It's so sad to see this... especially when we can't pick her and cuddle. I'm not even mentioning the thirst and hunger! When the nurse put a little sponge into her mouth soaked with destilated water to clean the inside of her mouth, she was ready to eat it!! 
Hopefully, after 4 hours from extubation she will be able to get some milk!

Thank you for carying and praying 4 Abi!


  1. So glad for this news! Been checking and hoping for some good news! Oh how exciting! I am SOOO glad that they are able to extubate her! And pray that the rest of the tubes can soon be removed!!! And...praying that she will be so hungry and gobble down her milk! Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness and goodness today! We love you guys!!! I am so glad you were able to spend 6 hrs w/her today! That is awesome and especialy w/her in ICU! I know she is so happy to see your faces! Can't wait until she is in your arms!
    love, sue

  2. This is wonderful that you were able to stay with her today. Such blessings continue each day. Our prayers are still with you all as Abi heals. ~JRM~

  3. You are really strong, I read all the notes that you write in this difficult time and I can feel your sadness but at the same time happiness for every small progress of your beautiful baby.
    All this time you are not happening very well, but alone God can give the forces that you need. In my time of pain, just his love was the answer to all my questions..
    And this is what I want to say to you today, He love you like nobody, leave that his love is the answer to your questions.
    When someone feels confused and tired there needs someone in whom to be able to rest, God wants to be this

    I love you guys, prayers from Argentina go for your daughter.
    Know that your happiness is ours, we are happy for Abi going better and we hope that she feel better every day more!


    (Im sorry if not the correct thing, my English is not good and I used a traductor)