Tuesday, December 15, 2009

9 Hours


9 hours

First night in the stepdown was almost like coming back home. We tried to recreate the home rutine. We gave her a bath fed her the bottle - she took 50 ml !!!! and then fell asleep. She slept for 9 hours !!!

We had two goals to meet. Eating from the bottle and keeping blood saturation at the right levels during sleep. Abi's blood saturation was fine during the day when she was awake but when she was relaxed and asleep it used to drop so she still needed some air flow through the nasal tubes.

After eating the 50ml and falling asleep she was not really willing to eat more around midnight so we dcided she would be getting food through the NG tube over night and we will get back to bottle feeilding in the morning.

We focused on the other goal - blood saturation. We were watching Abi for couple hours trying to adjust her possition to find the optimal one with little success. Finally we decided to pull out the nasal tube since the air flow was turned off and it was just stuck in her nose blocking the air flow. Once we did that her saturation was high in norm ALL NIGHT!!!!

Seems like she doesn't need air flow to keep great saturation.

And now when I'm done with typing it we just finished 85ml bottle!!!!! And Asia got 2 smiles ;-)


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  1. It was great to see the photo's over the weekend of those big beautiful eyes finally open. Now to see pictures of mama holding the princess, and to hear that you guys are finally be out of the CICU unit is just as nice. You'll be back home before you know it. WM

  2. Wonderful! Such continued progress! Still sending prayers. ~JRM~

  3. Make that 3 smiles. Or more like 900+ smiles, of everyone reading this blog every day! :)

  4. I just finished reading all the blogs. Everyone I know is praying for your family. Three churches of wonderful people from NC to WV are praying for Abigail. I am updating them all today on the good news so far. I am happy you have the love and support you need thru this trying time. With love from us all know God is watching over you all.

    Mylissa Lannutti (Alyssa, Susie gave me the site to keep up) :)

  5. Praising the Lord with you today for good feedings, good oxygen levels and sweet smiles!


  6. yes, I agree with Melissa, you have hundreds of smiles from everyone reading this blog. I am so proud of Abi being such a trooper and doing so well, and for you both being so strong while seeing her suffer so much, and I am praising God continuously for all the miracles He has done and is continuing to do and for the testimony and impact that Abi has. <3

  7. This is fantastic...my trip to ATL might not be happening...CUZ U MIGHT BE GOING HOME!!!!! Woooooo....continued prayers being sent to Abi and lots of love....Glad you got some smileys :)