Monday, December 14, 2009

This Afternoon


We've been with Abi since about 11am. When we showed up she was still asleep after Versed which she was given to remove the central line from her neck.

Let me stess this out that this is not a complaint, just sharing with you all what we have to deal with in addition to the surgery etc.

When we showed up we asked the new day nurse the same questions we always asked any other nurse. So far Paricia, Sarah, Niki, Amanda, Jacquelin, Krissy were amazing. They knew everything and paid attention to everything. Today's nurse answer to every question was: I don't know. If a doctor asks I will print it out for him. Hehe, awesome. All of you who know me can imagine what happened next. I requested to speak with the doctor supervising her. 20 minutes later we got all the answers from the doctor.

Now we're waiting to be able to move to the stepdown unit. They have already got the room for Abi and we are just waiting for them to get it ready and for the team of people involved in moving her to be ready as well. Once we're out of here we will not have to leave Abi even for a moment.

We will also try bottle feeding her today again. I bet it will go great!!!

And the below picture: my beautiful bride and our little one chilling

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  1. I'm so excited Abi gets to move to step-down today!! I know how frustrating it can be to get a not so good nurse when you're accustomed to dealing with fabulous, attentive ones. Hopefully once you're upstairs you'll have another great one. Not being able to be with Abi during shift change must stink, but I'm glad that won't be an issue in step-down. At the hospital Everett was at we could be with him during shift change, but we had to be there before it started and stay until after it was over. I hope today is a great day for Abi!

  2. Such a look of "ahhhh finally to have my sweet girl in my arms". Happy mommy and happy baby. Thanks for keeping us SO updated.

  3. its nice to finally see you holding her! i bet that felt soooooo good! Stacy

  4. Awww this is wonderful seeing you holding her...GO ABI GO!!!!