Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Closer to home

8:45 pm

One step at the time and we are almost home.
It's been a week since we came to the hospital and tomorrow exactly a week since the surgery!
Abi's progress is unbelievable. The doctors and nurses are astonished how fast she has been recovering. She stayed in memory of some of the CICU nurses and doctors who randomly came by to check on Abi.
As previously mentioned, today's focus was on eating. The oxigen levels are great during the day and at night. I'm so happy we insisted on removing the nasal line, especially when she was on no oxigen. No wonder her saturation was lower since she couldn't breathe comfortably. So "sats" aren't the concern anymore!
As to feedings we started great in the morning with 85ml within an hour! The amounts she drank decreased as the day went by. We were told that she needs to drink at least 80ml per 3h to be able to go home without the feeding tube. She was a picky eater prior the surgery and the doctors knew that but still set up pretty high standards. Whatever she left they put through the tube. I think this caused her tummy aches in the morning- poor thing, she spent a couple of hours crying over the rumbling tummy. We requested some gas drops for her. A couple of stinky surprises later, she was all good.
Abi's surgeon visited us today and requested to remove the feeding tube! So we did and hoped for Abi to pick up on ml's. In the afternoon she only ate 30ml (required 80) and fell asleep in my arms-I actually joined her while having guests (sorry S.A.D.)!
We didn't want the tube to come back and we were defermined to meet he "goal" with a significant Abi's help of course. We gave her a bath, massage, put her in her own pj's and gave the bottle with required 80ml.
She exceeded everyone's expectations and ate 90!! We were so proud of her! So we know, if she wants to, she can do it!
Now she is sound asleep, resting to her favorite night music...as we are slowly heading this direction with hopes for coming home TOMORROW (well we'll stay in Atl till the next day- (thank you L&R)!!!!
Thank you all for your continued prayers for Abi and our family!



  1. Abi is amazing! I'm so glad that she's eating well and that she is headed in the right direction to be able to go home. I hope she continues to heal and eat her required 80 mLs or more. Sending wishes for a restful night for all 3 of you.

  2. This is just amazing! Wow... you are both such great parents! Can't wait for you to get home!

  3. This is awesome news!!! Way to go Abi! I can see the smile in proud mama's words. Our Good Lord will keep watch over the 3 of you and bring you home soon. God bless!


  4. Oh my word! I have never ever heard of a child recovering from THIS surgery so quickly. She must be like a superbaby or something! I am beyond thrilled for you guys and even a little jealous. Our hospital stay for the double switch was 41 days:( I can't wait to see more pics of her in her own home playing with her own toys and wearing her own clothes and smiling. I'm sure you are over the moon with joy at the thought of being home for the holidays.
    Still praying that that appetite kicks in. I know our card told us that once the surgery was over, we'd see a big increase in growth. I hope that to be true for you guys too.


  5. Your family is a true testament to the power of believing. My family continues to pray for progress faster than is expected and we will not cease. I am so greatful for this blog you guys are doing. Katey and I check several times throughout the day and have been delighted to see your tears turn to smiles!! God bless you all and your wonderful hospital staff there in Atlanta. And may your road home be paved with empty bottles, easy rest, and so many smiles your face hurts!!

    Still praying in Charlotte,

  6. What a blessing! I know that you are anxious to take her home where everyone is comfortable. This progress is amazing. Your blog has been a Christmas blessing for so many people. Thank you for allowing us to share with your struggle and accomplishments. We continue prayers ~JRM~

  7. Excellent news...I will cancel my trip out there and just plan one to your house. Abi really is a superbaby...God sure has blessed your family, the doctors, nurses this past week. Amazing! Thank you for all the updates on Abi and letting us all in. i think all the prayers and love being sent to ATL had a big effect on her recovery. We all love you

  8. Alright Abi!!!
    I am so proud of you!! The power of prayer is so strong. God is truly an awesome GOD!! I am still thanking God for what he has done and what he will continue to do!!! Glad you guys will be home for Christmas...

    Darion Jackson