Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Thinking

We keep in touch with other 'heart' families, follow them on their blogs, Facebook pages, groups, follow the Yahoo L-TGA group and I just can't stop thinking and being thankful for how truly blessed J, Abi and I have been in all of this.

There are so many children with much less complex hearts comparing to Abi's and for some, difficult to understand reason they spend months and months in hospitals. Their recovery is long and difficult and Abi wasn't in a hospital for 2 weeks at a time. More, after second open heart surgery she was out within 3 days.

She's growing, running, talking, playing all the time; constantly learning new things and so far there hasn't been anything that would slow her down or she couldn't keep up with.

I just thought I would share once again how truly blessed we are, since we tend to forget the blessings pretty easily.


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  1. You really are blessed...it truly is so good to remember and be thankful!!! Love you guys greatly!

  2. This is totally wonderful!!! ~SRH