Thursday, March 24, 2011

Failed Test

Abi has one of those convertible cribs that transform through a toddler's bed to a full bed. Just for kicks we decided to take the one side off of the bed and see how Abi would handle the new setup.

Unfortunately Abi's bed has the top, decorative board that is permanently attached to the bed which contributed to the test failure.

Why do we think both, Abi and the bed failed the test? See yourself below ;-) No bed change until she's 2nd

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  1. so will you be going bed shopping

  2. @Krista: yes, will have to. We won't use this crib as her toddler's bed but we decided not to rush and we will wait until Abi's at least 2.

  3. Hello! Your daughter and my son have the same conditions and the same Doctor: Dr. Kirshbom. So far my son has had two surgeries with Dr. Kirshbom, one if which was actually this past Friday.

    We have yet to do the Double Switch, which is planned depending on how this last surgery went. They put a band on the valve leading to the lungs in order to make it stronger in preparation for the Double Switch. I'd love it if we could possibly connect on Facebook or something.

    I'm blogging about my experiences too at WomanFuze.com. What a blessing it is that Abigail is doing so well!

  4. @Crystal: I was just looking at your blog, and the pictures; places so familiar.
    You can join our L-TGA Facebook group here

    And you can find us on Facebook at
    You can also email us at the email address from the top of the page Care4Abi (@) gmail. com