Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is This Normal For This Age?! :-)

I am seriously asking this question, is this normal for this age?! Abi's not even 18 months yet (she's not even 17 months yet) and last week, when we were hanging out at our friends house, Abi was playing with their children, in their room, not needing us at all - that's a great progress! Then she started messing with the door -closing and opening it over and over again. We did not want her to do that and possibly get her fingers hurt so I went over there to tell her to stop doing it. No, it did not happen, so I held the door and kept telling her she was not supposed to do that anymore, explaining why.

Now, here's the fun part (and my question): she was listening to me talking, looking me in the eyes and when I was done, she made a step forward, towards me, still looking at me, pointed her finger at me, then moved it to the side, pointing at the hallway and said: GO.

Is this a joke?! I don't think she's supposed to be this logical yet: daddy goes = he stops bothering Abi.

She did it again, yesterday when we were hanging out with another couple and their children. After being told she was not supposed to touch their DVDs she looked at me, pointed her finger at me and said: bye bye.

It is super cute and she's absolutely fantastic, and I guess we are just starting another chapter full of new exciting challenges.


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