Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We saw her!

We just came back from the CICU. Abi looks soooo beautiful; not swollen, with less IV's, not bleeding much. She may be getting off the ventilator in a couple of hours, maybe by 7pm!!! WOOOOHOOO. This means she may be ready to eat from the bottle at midnight. We are so happy with the progress.
I'll post the picture soon.

We are sitting in the family room now with some good firends who came to spend time with us.

We are planning to go back to see Abi in a few hours, so she can get her well-deserved rest. We need to bring some of her favourite toys and a bottle, so we can feed her when she's ready.
I really hope she will not require a feeding tube.

If she does as well as the nurses and doctors predict, we may be able to leave CICU even tomorrow. I will pray for this to happen, but I'd rather not enter entertain this idea, so I won't get dissapointed.

Still, all is good...


  1. Joyous prayers!!! Thanks for the updates!~JRM~

  2. Excellentay,...awesome!!! This is wonderful news Jo...I'm estatic for you guys that things went better than expected and Abi is doing great! Hope you are able to feed her tonight and she gets needed rest. I'm still thinking of you all..Lots of love ~SRH