Friday, December 11, 2009

She's Such A Fighter


Abi's still on track ahead of the schedule but it seems like the ventilator will stay in overnight. When Asia and I came over and started talking around her and to her she got really excited, started moving a lot and opening her eyes. It's great, but before they remove the ventilator they need to do couple tests with turning it off first. She was too active before the test and they had to give her some sedatives and now she's sleeping so they can't do the test. Since it's getting late and it's better to have more people around when taking a child off of the ventilator they will do couple tests overnight but will try taking her off tomorrow morning. Still way ahead of schedule as the surgeon said this aftenoon when we talked to him.

They took her off of dopamine a d she's doing great. Lowered her breathing rate and now we actually see her breathing on her own as well.

Thank you all for reading, praying and being with us through this difficult time!!!

Art and J.

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  1. This is the post that made me teary. I've had a quiet faith about all of this but thinking about her opening her eyes and getting excited got me! I'm so very happy for your all!

    Sandy V

  2. Awesome awesome news!!!! And it's so good to see a pic of you two!!!! Thank you Lord!!

  3. It is so great to see you all together and smiling. We love you guys and can't wait for you to get home. One step at a time right. :-) So glad Abi is doing so well.