Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Proud mama

Abi did great. I am so proud of her, she's indeed a fighter.
It's been a very long and tough day, mostly for Abi - I wish I didn't remember this as well, but I will and will remind myself and Abi in the future how amazing and faithful God is. He was there with her and the doctors all the time and will be in the CICU with her.
We were able to see her about 1 h ago.

She is doing well, a little swollen from the transfusion but that's normal.
The next 24-48h will be the most critical. If everything goes well she will have the chest closed on Friday.
Praying for uneventful and restful night for Abi.



  1. this photo of her just breaks my heart into pieces. but then i think of what this surgery will do for her life..God was definately in that OR today...you have a strong lil girl and i wouldnt wish this tragedy on ANYONE...Im so proud of how you and Art have handled this. you and your family are so loved and prayed for right now...keep strong and we will all help you stay strong with our thoughts and prayers. *hugs* and please give Abi a kiss from A Susie when you can.

  2. Yay!! I am so glad that everything went well today! I've been checking back often for updates. Praying for a uneventful and restful night for Abi and you two!

  3. I'm praying for your sweet daughter. Try to get some sleep tonight if at all possible because you will need your strength in the coming days, especially after Abi is moved out of CICU.

    (mom to Clara, another L-TGA blessing adopted from China this year)

  4. I'm so grateful for this news. Sounds like she did so beautifully...we continue to pray for you. The photo reminds me so of Eve, almost exactly 8 months ago. Wait until you get that first smile back. The peace of the world comes over you! Best,
    Annamarie, Paul, Jack, Elle and Eve

  5. So grateful to hear how well the surgery went. She is a fighter and you guys are wonderful parents! Praying for and with you through the next couple of days (and not only!). Dea especially wanted me to tell you that she is praying and that she loves you!!
    Karen, Paul, Chris, David and Dea

  6. Just checking in this morning (actually like four times already) to see how Abi's night went and let you know I'm still praying. Hoping you all got some rest last night.