Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Next Morning


We went to see Abi before the shift change and rounds started, after 6am. We happened to stay during a doc visit and talked to her surgeon. He said that the bleeding is minimal so he may be back to close her up earlier than planned, maybe this afternoon. We are not able to visit our baby girl between 6.30am and 10.00am and between 6.30pm and about 8.30pm.

Abi had a pretty good night. She is very active and moving a lot. The nurses ended up giving her verset (sedation meds) every hour. They ordered a continuous drip as she's not responding to the other sedation medicine. She's just impatient to get out of there!
One of Abi's dedicated nurses prepared a cute name tag, and since she is POLISH too(!!) she wrote it in Polish.

We happen to meet Polish doctors and nurses here pretty often. It's a blessing since they are excited and even though all of them are great these feel special connection and are very compassionate and sweet.

Now we are waiting for Abi's kidneys to start working better. It is expected they would get 'lazy' after general anastesia so she is getting Lasix to help the body lose fluids and stimulate kidneys.

She's still pretty swallen but again, it's expected. She should get better within the next day or two.

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  1. Glad she had a pretty restful night. Hope you guys got a lil shut-eye. XOXO Abi

  2. Oh how we played the game with sedation! After his last surgery, Connie had to be given a paralytic he was so fiesty. Literally sat up and reached for the nurse. Can't have that now can we?! This last stay, the nurses found a wonder drug for Connie. I don't know the long name but I'm sure if you mention "Dex" to the nurses, they'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It wasn't around during his first surgery and he was such a rascal, having to be given PRN doses (extra doses) of morphine, ativan, versed, chloryll, etc. every 45 min. to an hour. On the dex, he stayed so calm and showed no signs of pain. So much easier to watch compared with him fighting and being so restless. Sounds like everything is going better than expected, that the bleeding has slowed down enough to close her early! A lot of the recovery is baby steps and a huge practice in patience. I pray that God will give you both patience as you wait for that ultimate sign of recovery--getting her out of bed and in your lap again where she belongs!

  3. Mom and dad need to get a bit of rest also! I know it's hard to not be around every minute, but you must also take care of yourselves!

    God is watching over everything, and He does not need any rest! See you soon.