Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feeding Tube Or No Feeding Tube


The heart access line going directly to Abi's left ventricle was pulled out this morning. Since there was no bleeding they also pulled out the last chest tube. This was a great start of the day. Now she's off the air flow as well maintaining her blood saturation very well.

The only that is not going great right now is feeding. She is not too interested in eating and when she does she ends up spitting out most of what she ate. We've tried twice so far and the plan is to try one more time and then to put the feeding tube in. Honestly I hate this plan so I want her to skip the feeding tube.

We'll see what's gonna happen next.

And this is Abi eating the second time.



  1. I am continuing to pray that she will eat so don't have to put the feeding tube in. Abi is gorgeous and it is so nice to see pictures of her sitting up, and to see her eyes open and to see her cute litte face full of life. She looks so happy now that most of the tubes are removed. She has gorgeous eyes and is a gorgeous little baby. We are praying and hoping you can be home soon. Lots of love and stay strong. You are all such strong warriors. <3

  2. Woohoo for more improvements! I'm so glad they were able to take out the heart line and last chest tube. Less wires=more comfortable and closer to home!! I hope she gets her zest for eating back so that they don't have to put in a feeding tube. The bottom picture of her sticking her tongue out is so cute!!!

  3. Oh, she looks just beautiful! You know, I think it took Eve a few extra days on the feeding. I remember the first bottle we gave her was probably 4-5 days after and it was pedialyte, not formula. The next day we tried some diluted formula. By the 3rd day she was drinking like a 3 oz bottle every 3 hours. Been nonstop from there! Thank you so much for your updates...so happy for you. Annamarie