Saturday, August 8, 2015

Last year review

Last 12 months were really busy and a lot good has happened.
After celebrating Abi's 5th birthday with multiple parties both at home and at her grandparents' in Poland, Abi started Kindergarten.
I am amazed at how much she has learned within the first couple of months and continued to practice for the remaining on the school year.
She can count, read, write, does additions to 200. Just crazy! And all of this before she turned 6.
Her cardiologist appointment went very well and no changes have been recorded so she keeps on going strong with the meds and no limitations.
In the winter we signed her up for swimming lessons and she really enjoyed it making a great progress. In the summer she did a great self awareness and self defense training for children called radKids with Carolina Self Defense.
In the very early spring her grandparents came to visit and celebrate her 6th birthday with us early.
In couple of weeks Abi's going to 1st grade. Her pediatric well check went great a her cardio appointment is in 2 days.
Our Facebook CCTGA (LTGA) Group is growing, meaning there are more people and families getting so needed support and information.
If you're here, on this blog, because you just found out that your baby has LTGA (ccTGA) and you're searching for information, want to learn about this defect and need support please find us on Facebook.

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