Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Words

Apart from the words Abi has been using for quite a while now such as: "mama", "tata & daddy", "pa-pa" & bye-bye", "no", "nie" (it's no in Polish), "yeah", "tak" (it's yes in Polish), "apple", "more", "bubble", "book", "go", "baba & dziadzia" (grama & grandpa in Polish), a couple of names like Abi- she calls herself "Abu". She can say "Ania" (my sister's, mom-in-law's and my grandma's name); "Ada" (it's actually Eden - her 2-year old neighbor's name); "Car-car" (Carter - her 4-year old neighbor) and her all-time favorite "Elmo" and also "Erni" from Sesame Street. She makes most of animal sounds.
And now Abi added 2 new words 2 days ago. Both for the same thing in both languages.
This time we caught it on camera!

Now she says "shoe" and "but" (read:boot) (shoe in Polish)


But (boot)

YouTube Video

More awesomeness to come ;-)


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