Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After the Appointment

The cardiologist appointment went fantastic. Once again, Abi's weight (22lb 5oz), height (30in), heart rate, blood pressure, saturation (97) and everything we saw during the heart echo was just perfect.

The entire repair done during the double switch, VSD closure, the pulmonary venous baffle and its later repair all look great and work great. Her Ebsteinoid tricuspid valve is leaking much less and today it was more on the mild side than mild-to-moderate. Both ventricles are squeezing strong, heart beat is slow and steady and heart's efficiency is really good.

There was absolutely nothing that would even slightly concern Dr.Greene and the next appointment is in 6 months! ;-)

Once we confirm things continue going this well, next appointment will be in 9 months and then annually.

We are absolutely thrilled and happy!

Thank you for your prayers!


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