Friday, April 23, 2010

9 Months

It's been a while since our last post. Life's been busy and crazy, but mostly good. Our little girl is growing, growing and growing so fast it scares us. She's getting longer, outgrowing all the cloths; she's getting heavier faster than our arms stronger ;-)

Recently she started rolling over, from her back to tummy and on her back and tummy again and this is how she's getting from point A to B and most of the time, B is our coffee table when she learned to pull out the drawers. And this is scary. Scary big time. We are not ready to be childproofing the house yet!!!!! No we are not! Yet, I think this will be the next project, whether we like it or not. 

Last week we lowered her bed and she started pulling herself up; one day she got up so high her head stuck out above the bed. Her legs are getting stronger and soon she will be standing on her own without any assistance. Another big step.

And she's talking and talking and talking. She makes all kinds of sounds, one day saying 'mom' and the other day saying 'dada'. It was great to wake up to her calling from her bedroom and finally saying 'mom'.

She eats all sorts of foods now and soon she will be eating what we are; well, maybe except the junk ;-)

As for her heart, so far we have not noticed anything that would concern us, and this coming Tuesday we're going for another cardiac follow-up. After this one confirms everything is fine and there are no changes, we should drop the last meds and the next follow up should be in 3 or maybe even in 6 months. We will keep you posted.



  1. So cute! Congrats to Abi on turning 9 months and reaching so many milestones! She is so adorable! They grow so quickly ~ sigh ...

  2. Awesome, Awesome Awesome!!!!! ~SRH