Tuesday, April 27, 2010

9 Month Old Check Up Yesterday And Cardiologist Appointment Today

Yesterday's 9 month old check up went great! Abi did so good I couldn't be more proud of her. 

She gained wight very well and is now caught up, weighing 18.9lb puts her in 50% weight, and 28in in 70% length. 

Her overall development is just right where 9 month old should be, so it means she had no set backs from the surgeries and, what's the most important, her brain did not suffer any harm after being twice on heart bypass machine. THis is wonderful! 

Today's cardiologist visit was even better. Dr. Greene did not stop using words like "fantastic', "wonderful", "phenomenal", "couldn't be better". Her saturation was......100 !!! Her blood pressure 99/61 exactly where needed; echo showed no changes other than tricuspid regurgitation only improved. 

From today we stop the last meds and we will get her blood pressure checked in about 10 days; if everything is great then, there will be no need to go back to the meds. 

Next appointment in 3 months and then in 6 months and than annualy. 

We even talked about plans as far as mid school and high school!!!! How cool is that?! ?! ?! Last year around this time we were encouraged to seriously consider pregnancy termination! It just makes us want to go back to see this particular doctor and visit him with Abi ! ! ! ;-)



  1. I wish you would go see that doctor!


  2. Hi dear. Abi is beautiful...I wish you could show her smile to this "doctor"
    My daughter has also had DS and she has Ebsteins. She is a wonderful 6 year old girl and we had the cone procedure to fix her valve.
    She had PA banding first, then DS and valve reconstruction in her second surgery. Write me if you want. drbsensato@hotmail.com

  3. Person recommending pregnancy temination shold not be called "doctor" :/

  4. How wonderful!!! The progress continues to be fantastic news! We continue to pray prayers of thanks! ~JRM~