Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Out of hospital

We are leaving the hospital after pre-op. The last person we talked to is Anna- the anesthesiologist from Poznan, Poland who we met last time we were here. We realized how many people have recognized Abi and us, including the radiology tech-we didn't even remember.
Abi did so well today! Though, she cried so much when she had her blood drawn - well when they attempted to do so on both arms with no success. We found out later from Anna that they can do it in the morning while she's asleep and will only delay the surgery by minutes! What? What's the point then? To save 10-15 minutes? I'd so much rather save her tears!

Before the lab.

Chilling on daddy's arms...


Now, she's sleeping while we are heading to the nearest Target to get a few things, eat on the way and we are going to the Ronald McDonald house where we got the room for tonight. We are not going to stay there after the surgery and will try our luck in the lottery for the room in the hospital. We want to be as close to Abi as possible while she's in CICU.
Thank you all for joining us in this difficult journey number 2!



  1. I hope you guys get plenty of rest tonight. Lots of luck and love for tomorrow for Abi and you 2 as well. Stay strong and be positive. We're all rootin for her.~SRH

  2. Praying for you all as you go through this again! I'll be checking for updates. Be strong, baby girl~ (and Mom and Dad, too.)

    Eli's Mom (L-TGA)