Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just chillin'


Last night wasn't too bad. Abi had a hard time falling asleep in the evening and once in the middle of the night. At 5.30am a lab tech showed up to draw some blod because one of the IVs that had a good blood return stopped working and they needed to poke Abi to get some blood. We were really unhappy about this since we know it is very difficult to find Abi's veins so we told the tech to wait 5 minutes and the nurse to give Abi painkillers. Well the tech said she was too busy to wait 5 minutes (really???) and she would come back in 30 minutes. Well we were up all this time only to hear from the morning nurse at 8am that yesterday's lab results were so good the doctors decided we don't need more blood today.

Now we're waiting for rounds and another x-Ray reading books and having fun.


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  1. Oh, but at least they didn't need the labs. "we don't need labs" were my 4 favorite words during Eve's hospital stays. :) She was a really hard poke too..would send her into SVT almost every time. Developed my lifelong hatred of phlebologists...even though I know they are just doing their job - they seemed to have serious flexibility issues. I hear you on the 5 minute thing!! So glad she is continuing to do well though! Annamarie, Paul, Jack, Elle and Eve

  2. I am glad she is done with drawing blood! I am so glad she is doing so well!!! I hope you guys are able to rest somehow today! Looking forward to your return back home!!!! Keep us posted! Love you guys!!! Sue

  3. To wspaniał dzień. Jesteśmy bardzo szczęśliwi, że nasza kochana wnusia Abi wróciła do domu.
    Abi, kochanie życzymy Ci szybkiego powrotu do pełni sił.
    Dziadkowie- Ania i Romek