Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Night Home

Abi was very happy to be back home, back in her bed and back in her high chair. After the bath she fell asleep almost immediately though she treated it as a nap and was up an hour later. Then it took her a while to fall back asleep. She woke up 3 hours later about midnight, ate like a champ and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 4.30am ate really well again and went back to sleep just to wake up about 6.45am and chill on her own in her bedroom for the next 45 minutes. Yup, no crying no fussing while waiting for her time to get up.

She's really happy and all smiles all the time. We didn't have to give her any pain killers overnight nor in the morning.

She's doing great so far!!!


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  1. So glad you're all back home!!! She looks great! She's probably waking every hour because she's on "hospital time" expecting someone to poke her or check something! She'll be back to sleeping in no time! Prayers continue ~JRM~