Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and hunger

So be it. Abi is like a bear before winter.. eats and falls into hibernation. If she wakes up tonight, I'll be surprised (well, not so much to be honest).. Her last meal was 8,5oz of milk with 5 teaspoons of cereal in it. 1 hour later I had to make additional 2,5oz because she was still hungry. By 7:30pm she was sleeping.

While waiting for dear hubby to finish work, I watched Grease 2. If not for young Michelle P. I would throw out the movie, that I actually own...

After that, rather dreadful movie, I decided to get some fresh air and document today's unique,at least for the South, weather conditions.
In case we won't get snow here in the next few years and we are still living here, I would want Abi to see at least pictures of it.. :) On the second thought, we could always go to Poland....daa!

Good night,


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