Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to work


It's been a couple days with no posts.. days go by so fast and before I noticed it's almost time to go back to work on Monday. Seeing Abi growing and improving so much I wish I was able to stay with her longer, like forever... :)
Abi's last pediatrician visit on Thursday went very well. She skipped 4th and 5th month check-up, so this one was treated as her 6th! What? 6th? Oh goodness, she's almost six months! How is that possible?
Anyway, the pediatrician after applying Abi's weight and length to the system, showed us the chart and where Abi is on it. She jumped from 5th percentile on her 3-moth check-up to 25th this week! She is right back on track, growing some cute cheeks and rolls here and there.

Since, she hit the magic 13th pound she started sleeping much better and for longer periods too.
For the last few days, she's been sleeping for 5h at a time. Woohoo, welcome sleep!

Abi keeps growing and healing, her scar is barely visible right now:

Thank you for visiting Abi's blog and for your prayers for her excellent improvement and health.


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  1. So glad to have you back here at work even tho I know you'd rather be at home with Abi. Sorry about the tears yesterday, it was just awesome to see you again and in good spirits.
    Abi is my miracle :)
    -Turd Pond Girl (heehee)