Thursday, December 17, 2009

The lottery...


I feel like I won the lottery today... Still mesmerized and with a note of disbelief I am looking at my happy, super hungry baby as the 8th day is passing by since the surgery... She is a gift from God and her speedy recovery after the extensive surgery; smiley face; adorable coos are like winning a million bucks.
Today she has eaten as much as she used to within 2 days! 34 ounces so far and the day is not over yet. We fed her cerial twice today and she tasted some bananna.
Hopefully, Abi will get some rest tonight after very few cat naps during the day today. Last night she woke up only twice, so I think my hope for an interupted sleep for 5 hours is pretty

Abi amazes me every day. It's intersting how a barely 5 month-old can impact and change your life.
I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful daughter!

Thank you for your prayers for a quick recovery for Abi...



  1. Wow...I am so amazed at her progress! She is eating so well!!! She will be getting that baby chub soon:-) You both are amazing parents and are doing such an awesome job with her. She is such a little bundle of Joy!!

  2. With Abi's new found appetite and all of that food consumption, you will now be entering the ATOMIC DIAPER ZONE! All kidding aside, That's great news. She is indeed an amazing little girl with phenominal parents. WM

  3. Isn't it truly amazing how they eat once their hearts are working!!??? Your posts bring me right back to Boston 8 months ago - Eve downing a 6 ounce bottle in the hospital. The first of her life! Congratulations!!